Welcome to Wellness Yoga, a studio space dedicated to yoga, Pilates, and meditation. We believe in wellness through yoga—for every body shape, size, and age. Tap into inner relaxation with us. Stretch, sweat, and strengthen. Wellness Yoga is a peaceful oasis in the center of Portland’s hustling and bustling downtown core. 




Dip your toes into the world of yoga for the first time or delve deeper into more challenging poses and breathing techniques. We offer a range of classes designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students. 



Strengthen your entire body from your core to your limbs. Our Pilates classes facilitate whole-body awareness through focused, low-impact exercises. Individuals with injuries and mobility issues find a refuge of well-being in these sought-after workouts.



Achieve a state of mental, physical, and emotional relaxation through our guided meditation and mindfulness sessions. Learn how to control your breathing and release your thoughts as you cultivate a level of inner peace that will ground your consciousness in clarity and wisdom. 

Meet The Trainers

Bo Eriksson

Bo Eriksson is the founder of Wellness Yoga. He brings joy and energy into every class he teaches. Bo has studied various forms of yoga for over 25 years, traveling across the globe and studying extensively in Mysore, India. Bo specializes in Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga and will make even the most physically demanding classes your favorite part of the week. 

Amy Parks

Amy is our in-house Pilates expert. She worked as a registered Physiotherapist for 30 years and now spends her time at our studio. A BASI certified Pilates teacher, Amy believes that movement heals. Her workshops are a staple in the fitness regimes of individuals dealing with the post-rehabilitation of injuries. 

Closeup Portrait

Eva Hardwick

Eva brings a blend of meditation and mindfulness practices straight from Asia to our studio. Her teaching style is characterized by grace and calmness. Eva will gently coax you out of your comfort zone and lead you into a state of stillness and mindfulness that is sure to transform your day-to-day. 


Our Facility

Wellness Yoga is found in a modern, 10,000 square foot studio, offering three spacious practice rooms. Sip on a complimentary cup of tea in our luxurious lounge area and say hello to Melissa, our receptionist, who will help you register for your next class.


About Us

Find Wellness. Grow Wellness

In the heart of urban life, we’ve created a relaxing retreat where our students form a like-minded community of wellness seekers. Our studio is a diverse and inclusive space where everyone feels welcome to explore the benefits of yoga, Pilates, and meditation.



We now offer seniors-only yoga classes! Spots are booking up fast—reserve yours today!